SAFR Embedded SDK Overview


The Embedded SDK is for use when the facial recognition software needs to run on a device with limited resources — RAM, CPU, and memory — without any internet or cloud connectivity. However, the device must still perform, for example, detection and recognition of images with varying conditions, such as lighting, or hats and glasses, with a minimum response time.

Using this SDK, developers can create applications that can:

  • Provide information on the total number of known/unknown faces, the relative coordinates of each person detected, the size in pixels for each face, and more.
  • Learn new faces through training (labeling).

The SAFR Embedded SDK ships as a tar.gz file that contains the necessary libraries, recognizer, and detector model files, and a sample command line tool called Panoptes.



For SAFR Embedded SDK system requirements, go to

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SAFR Embedded SDK Overview

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